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Earned Value Professional (EVP) Exam Preparation Materials

Management Technologies is pleased to offer individuals and organizations a variety of products to help prepare for the AACE Earned Value Professional (EVP) exam.

The Earned Value Professional (EVP) certification has been recognized by both companies and government agencies as an indicator of one's thorough knowledge of EVM, EIA 748, and related project management topics. This certification is administered by AACE using a five hour exam. The exam includes a memo writing assignment where the candidate is given a scenario and instructions. The response is written using a text editor.


Some EVPs have said this is most difficult certification exam they have taken from either AACE or PMI. According to AACE the overall pass rate varies around 54%.

Our EVPrep(tm) materials include our EVPrep Boot Camp streaming video series and our EVPrep Study Guide. We also conduct EVPrep webinars and EVPrep two-day workshops for organizations. Organizations can request a quote for an on-site two day workshop, a webinar, or group purchase of the EVPrep Video Boot Camp or EVP Study Guide.

About the EVPrep Boot Camp

The EVPrep Video Boot Camp contains ten videos of about an hour or so each. It’s content is identical with our on-line interactive webinar and corporate on-site programs. It includes the four EVP trial exams with a discussion about each question and its answers. After completing the last video customers can download the EVPrep Study Guide for free. A completion certificate can be printed to claim fourteen guaranteed PMI PDUs

It's on-line 24/7/365. No need to schedule to attend a webinar. The best part is the low price. With each evolution of our EVPrep workshop we have been able to reduce the price. Our public sessions were $795 and you had to travel to the venue, our webinars were $495 but might be at 3 AM for you, and now the same content is available on YOUR schedule for $295!

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About the Study Guide

In a survey of our customers the Study Guide has been shown to statistically improve the outcome of the Exam above the AACE published average pass rate.

Management Technologies wants to you pass this exam in your first attempt. To help you we offer:

"Ray Stratton's EVPrep™ Earned Value Professional (EVP) Exam Study Guide."

  • Over 230 Sample Questions

  • Successful EVP Exam Strategies

  • Answers and Explanations

  • Application Process

  • List of Study Materials


This is the same book that attendees at our EVPrep™ Exam Workshop and Boot Camp receive

The study guide is divided into four sections that test your knowledge and skills in

  1. EVM Principles and Concepts, EIA 748, Project Planning

  2. Deriving EVM data from task descriptions, EVM data analysis and forecasting

  3. Complex Problem Solving and Story Problems

  4. Determining likely project issues and recommendations from EVM data

Each section contains exam-like questions, answer sheets, and the correct answers with explanations.

Try some questions from the book and then check your answers.

Read the book review in PM World Today February 2009 issue.

Some customers' comments.....

Ray:   Meant to reach out to you after I passed the EVP exam.  Although, as I look at the certificate, it is dated March 2017, so it has been a while. Your online boot camp along with the test prep question booklet  were extremely helpful.  Especially your 5 paragraph memo strategy from the boot camp.

A new BearingPoint EVP said, "The practice material was helpful in my recognition of the types of questions asked, particularly for section four. I would have been lost on that section had I not spent the week prior studying for it based on the practice review materials."

"I passed my EVP the first time and just got notified. I wish to say thank you for your study guide. I particularly appreciated the last part on the memo as it was instrumental to my handling that section of the exam with ease." Michael O. Ogberuhor PMP, EVP, PMI-SP, PMI-RMP, PROJECT CONTROLS SCHEDULING ENGINEER

"I bought your EVP study guide the day before my exam because I wasn't confident the AACEI EVP study guide was good enough.  I used their study guide for 3 months but it only cover (sic) half of what I encountered on the exam and the other half was aided by your study guide."  Victor T.

"I received my notice last Friday that I passed the EVP Exam. In my opinion, your study guide played a key role in making that happen." Blake Crenshaw, Sr. Finance Manager, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems

I am happy to inform you that with the help of your material (in conjunction with material from other parties) I was able to successfully pass the EVP exam. Gigi Troemel, EVP Program Control, Alliant Techsystems, Inc

I wanted to give you some feedback. Although I have been in the business over 40 years, I was not successful in my first attempt at the EVP certification exam. I purchased your review manual and this time had no problem with the test. Sometimes you have to give credit to those that help you. Thanks again. Doug Findley PMP CCC PSP EVP

I took the EVP cert test and passed back in December. .... your study guide was spot on. Thank you for the work that went into this and your contributions to the profession. Mark von Leffern, PMP, PSP, EVP Project Controls Engineer, Hill International

Just wanted to let you know that your Exam Study Guide was very helpful in preparing for (and passing) the EVP exam. Thank you, Vicki Frahm, D&S EVMS Compliance Officer, Honeywell

"That was most definitely the most challenging exam I have ever taken. PMP was a walk in the park in comparison." Mark Snape, PMP, EVP, Siemens Energy & Automation

"I was told I passed all 4 sections and I'm pretty confident that I would NOT of passed the exam without your class and your study question. Your class & study questions were extremely relevant and helpful in passing the exam! Thank you so much!!", David B. Roy

"Thanks for the great prep materials that helped me pass the EVP exam on the first try.", Eric Morrison CCC EVP PMP  

"Passed! Got the result yesterday! Full credits to Ray Stratton's Guide." Sivakumar PMP, CPE, EVP

"Just found out today that I passed on the first try!.   I don’t think I would have passed without your study guide.  The practice sections as well as the specific preparation recommendations were invaluable.  The exam was still quite grueling, but your guide helped me prepare, keep from being overwhelmed, and ultimately earn my EVP credentials.", Gary Hamby, PMP, EVP

"I would like to express my appreciation regarding your EVP exam study guide which was absolutely helpful for me. I was informed today which passed the EVP Exam and your study guide was extremely effective in all parts, especially in memorandum part." , Kian Ghadaksaz, Energy Industries Engineering & Design, UAE and Iran

"Well Ray, I received my exam results yesterday, I passed. Took the test on 11/1 and received the results 12/3. If I had not used your EVP Exam Study Guide, I do not believe I would have passed the test. Thanks for the valuable resource." Michael Hankins PMP, PMI-RMP, PMI-SP, EVP; Lead Project Controls Analyst; Constellation Energy Nuclear Group

You will spend between $500 and $625 to register for the Exam. Spend $65 more and increase your chance of passing.

"I feel your study guide had helped me complete the best possible preparation for the exam.  I feel it was an invaluable reference for my studies."
Malcolm Farrelle, Programme Analyst, HP Enterprise Services

The Study Guide is only available from Management Technologies.

It is available as a spiral bound book or as PDF files. Here's some information to help you decide which style is right for you.

Spiral Bound Study Guide Downloadable (PDF) Study Guide
$75.00 USD $75.00 USD
One convenient spiral bound book with each of the four parts organized as follows:
  • Questions
  • Multiple Answer Sheets
  • Answers and Explanations
One PDF file containing all four parts. Each part has Questions, and Answers and Explanations. You can not print this file. The Introduction will tell you how to download free answer sheets that may be printed or you can note your answers on plain paper.

Shipping via USPS Priority Mail (US Customers, $7.15 for one book, delivery in about 3 working days, or International Priority Mail ($30 USD) for one book, delivery in about 10-15 working days). US overnight and International 3-5 day shipping is available during checkout. Rates for more than one book are computed during checkout.


No shipping cost, instant delivery via a file download to your computer.

Requires a browser and pdf reader.

Click here to buy the downloadable EVP Study Guide.

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